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With AngelTraders you will learn everything that you need to know about Forex. I will give you very detailed training on how to become a profitable Forex Trader. From setting up your charts to mastering the markets.


With AngelTraders I am fully confident in my training, but maybe you need a little extra help. That’s when I setup a 1 on 1 training session with you to get things cleared up, and actually get to know you a little bit better.


With AngelTraders I do a webinar every week to keep you on track and always learning. If you miss the webinar, don’t worry I record it and put on the members webinar section.

Trade Like A Professional


No matter what your experience level or location, my training course will provide you with a highly in-depth and concrete understanding of FOREX markets and how to trade them profitably.


With knowledge that can be applied also to commodities & futures markets, you will be well prepared to trade confidently and professionally.


My ongoing post-training mentorship will ensure you’re never left alone on your journey to profitability!

What People Are Saying

 “I’ve been a member for Derek for about 6 months and I have never had a mentor like him! Most amazing mentor and best scalper trader I have ever met!”

Pablo Mar

“I was introduced to forex by Derek. Had never even heard of it before. Within a few days of his training using his scalping method, I was winning over 90% of my trades. It really inspired me and motivated me to get better and better. The best thing about Derek is not his vast knowledge of forex, but more so the passion and dedication he gives to his clients. Whether you have been trading for years or never heard of forex Derek can and will make you better because he lives and loves his craft and genuinely, above all wants to see and help you succeed.”

Ryan Saban

“Derek has created a strategy that is easy for anybody to follow, including those without any previous trading experience. The training is first class and he is a very honest and humble mentor.”

Elliot Butler



Learn the original super scalping strategy of AngelTraders to profit in the lower timeframe trading opportunities


Learn the new trading strategy of AngelTraders to capitalize on intra-day and swing trades on the higher timeframes


Access the recorded webinars for strategy implementation to master the strategies in the shortest amount of time


Watch short trading video clips for additional tips and tricks in implementing the strategies



Be mentored directly by me through a 1 on 1 training session to shorten the learning curve and leap frog to mastery.


Copy every trade that I take directly to your trading account hands-free. Let me do the trading work for you.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is AngelTraders?

AngelTraders is an online training platform designed to take a new and aspiring trader from beginner to advanced level that is capable of becoming a self-sufficient profitable trader

How does the training program works?

Every member has an unlimited access to all the training materials available on this website.

You can choose whatever trading strategy will suit your trading personality.

How long will it take me to learn and master the strategies?

We all have learning differences, one student can learn faster than others and vice-versa.

The training program is designed to be self-paced so you can work at your own pace.

With this type of training, your result will greatly depend on how much time and effort you put in your training.

A Little Bit About Me

Offering the best Forex training available

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my website. I take a lot of pride in Angeltraders and continue to bring my utmost effort to providing the best experience for you.

I want to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Derek VanDelinder. I started trading Forex in the Summer of 2013. I had no idea what I was doing I just remember the feeling like I was trying to learn a new language. My first 6 months of trading consisted of an ample amount of 20 hour days studying the charts. I saw the vast amount of potential in what the market could provide for my family and so I never gave up through the ups and downs. In the beginning there were far more downs then ups until I really took action began learning about the TDI (Traders Dynamic index). I studied this along with Bollinger bands countless hours and ended up creating a highly effective strategy which gives me a win rate in the 90% range! I did this for 6 months day in and day out realizing that I had created something truly special. That is when the AngelTrader strategy was officially born. I’ve now been teaching this strategy to over 400 clients for over 5 years now, and I only continue to better myself and the strategy. I can truly say that in the 7+ years I have been trading that my life has completely changed. I went to literally looking for change in the change jar just to put a couple gallons in my old beat up Honda Civic, to being in the position where I can give back as I please. Its a beautiful thing… the best part is that I am and have created multiple Angeltraders members to live free through the Angeltrader Strategy!

Derek VanDelinder

Founder of AngelTraders

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