Copy every trade that I will take directly to your trading account hands-free.
Let me do the trading work for you.



Please use for the trade copier. This document explains how to connect to Derek’s account in order to copy his trades.
If you have any questions, please contact Derek on Telegram (@derekvandelinder).

You have to realize that you can lose 100% of your investment, and that Forex is a risky business. Invest only what you can lose — nothing more. Derek is NOT responsible for any losses on your account!

Tools and Service Cost

We’re going to be using the Social Trader Tools platform. It’s an online platform that connects the master account to your account. You don’t have to buy or set up and VPSes, and you don’t have to have your MT4 turned on.

The total cost for the service is: $20 per month for account slots (you get 2 for that amount).
In total, $20 per month. (this is social trader  tools cost)

1. Join the Telegram Group for the Trade Copier Service

Click this link to join in the Trade Copier Telegram Group

2. Get started with Social Trader Tools

Go to this Social Trader link and click on the “Follow Signal” button and select the only package offered:

If you already have an account with Social Trader Tools, log in. If not, register for a new account. Sign up and pay for the service.

After paying, log into the Social Trader Tools backend. In the top left corner, you’ll see a hamburger button. Click on it if you don’t see the left sidebar menu.

3. Setup your Account Hosting and add your account

Go to Configurator -> Accounts -> Account Hosting (blue button in the top right) -> Manage Hosting -> Add Hosting.

Buy the Standard package that gives you 2 account slots. You can’t buy 1, that’s why you need to spend $20 per month for the two.

Go to Configurator -> Accounts -> Add Account.

Fill out all of of your MT4 details and click Add Account.

If you go to Configurator -> Accounts, you should see something like this:

4. Setup the Trade Copier between your account and Derek’s account

A. Go to Configurator -> Trade Copier -> Add Copier (blue button on the left) and fill out the form. It should look like this:

B. You need to copy from “HeyForex” Copier” to your MT4 account. For risk type, choose “Risk Multiplier By” and set it to 1. This is the safest option. Don’t copy existing trades.

C. Go back to Configurator -> Trade Copier. Turn on the copier by clicking on the red “Paused” icon on the right side. Then, simply click “On”.

This is how it should look like before:

And this is after:

5. You’re Done!

That’s it! Once again, if you have any questions, please contact me @derekvandelinder. If we encounter any errors, I’ll make sure to update this document.

Sit back, and relax 🙂